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Contact Details: 

Value Management Section
Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department,
Level 5, Block B6, Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 W.P Putrajaya
Tel. No. : 03-88725821
Fax : 03-88883637

Main Functions

  • To provide support services for engineering and technical advisers in the projects planning, design, cost estimates and project implementation.
  • The serve as Secretariat to the Standards and Costs Subcommittee in the National Development Planning Committee.
  • To create awareness among the departments/consultants obtain cost effective projects, practical and in line with requirements.
  • To study and evaluate the approved scope of work in terms of the use of materials/finishes, space requirements and the rates used in accordance with building category.
  • To prepare guidelines on project submission procedures based on current government circulars and practices.
  • To study and approve the floor rental as required by the Department from time to time.

Value Management

The implementation of Value Management (VM) serves to identify, provide options and produce components and costs that do not contribute to the value of a service, system and project without compromising the objectives and functions specified.

VM is defined as a systematic and innovative multi-disciplinary approach for studying the functional requirements of a programme, design, product, service, project, facility and system in order to achieve greater value and cost optimisation  without compromising the programme/project performance.

To ensure that the implementation expenditure of a programme/project is value for money, the government has decreed that all 10th Malaysia Plan projects worth RM50 million and above must undergo a value management process.

The Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister's Department (EPU) has taken a major step in making VM as one of the planning tools for the 10th Malaysia Plan programmes/projects by issuing EPU Circular No. 3 Year 2009 which requires all projects worth RM50 million and above to undergo the VM process.

The value management process involves all stakeholders to evaluate and find alternatives with optimum costs without compromising the objectives, functions and quality of the project.

Studies have shown that VM yields maximum savings and benefits if implemented in  the early stages of programme/project planning where the establishment of the scope, functions and actual cost of the project are finalised.

Client's Charter: 

We pledge to discharge the responsibilities entrusted to us with full dedication through an excellent and professional work culture in providing services to clients as follows:

  • Reviewing, processing and approving of a complete application to install air conditioners within two (2) weeks from the date of receipt; and
  • Updating and preparing guidelines as well as distributing them to clients following approval by the Standards and Costs Subcommittee within two (2) weeks;
  • Reviewing, processing and approving of a complete application to install air conditioners within two (2) weeks of the date of receipt; and
  • Reviewing, evaluating and approving of a complete application for office space within two (2) weeks from the date of receipt.
  • We are willing to listen to constructive views from our clients for mutual benefit in providing organised, systematic and user-friendly services.