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"... to fully integrate globalization into the every day
lexicon of this nation ..."

EPU's logo

The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in the Prime Minister's Department will be the nerve center of the nation. With a vision to fully integrate globalization into the every day lexicon of this nation, the EPU will focus on the planning and execution of successful strategies in order to achieve Malaysia's 2020 vision. By achieving this, the overall quality of life of the Malaysian people will be improved, resources will be optimized and Malaysia will integrate itself financially and technologicaly into the international arena.

The logo of EPU takes its original form from an apple international symbol of wisdom or knowledge. The structural simplicity and the striking multilevel color combination make the EPU's new logo easily indentifiable and memorable. The ideas inherit in the design are clear representation of the unit's vision.


Symbol Description
Symbol of Globalization
This original shape transforms to symbolize globalization
Wireframe Symbol
The globe created by a wire-frame, representing an intricate, organize and solid network of elements that interact on different levels to achieve goal. Its axis is tilted 45 degrees from left to right, giving in an upward motion which suggest progress, vision and strength. The crisscross lines are reminiscent of brain whether virtual or organic; the seat of power and knowledge.
EPU type font
The font utilized has been designed to emulate links in a chain, representing strength, cooperation, organisation and unity.
Gray Color's Symbol
The color in letter 'E' and 'U' heralds a technological era.
Red Color's Symbol The color in letter 'P' derives from the fruit's (apple) natural tincture.