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Socio-economic Statistics consist of four main sub-topics that contain economic-related information from the statistical angle and others.  The four sub-topics are Malaysian Economy in Figures, Latest Economic Indicators, Economic Statistics and Social Security Network.

The Malaysian Economy in Figures provides information relating to the Malaysian Economic Development.  It is also useful to foreign investors and businessmen.  The statistical data is obtained from the Economic Planning Unit, Ministry of Finance, Statistical Department and Bank Negara Malaysia and others.

Meanwhile the Latest Economic Indicators are economic-related statistics and it refers more to consumption, investment and production as well as external factors.

Published Time Series Economic Statistics provides a collection of economic statistics in Malaysia.  It can also be a source for economic studies.

The Household Income Survey is one of the surveys carried out by the Departments of Statistics, Malaysia.

Social Safety Net is a service provided by the government or state such as Welfare, Health Care and others to identify specific groups to be given aid.